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Verify the latest South African Lotto results

Welcome to Lotto Checker

Lotto Checker App retrieves the latest South African Lottery results and allows you to verify the results by either scanning your Lottery ticket or pasting your numbers to be verified from the clipboard or numbers you entered and saved.

  • Scan

    Scan your ticket

    You can scan your ticket using your camera and the app will make its best effort to convert the numbers from the image.

  • Copy

    Use an existing image

    You can select an image of your ticket and then follow the same process as scanning your ticket.

  • Clipboard

    Enter numbers manually

    You can enter the numbers from your lotto ticket to be verified

Lotto Checker App on smart phone
  • Clipboard

    Copy and paste numbers

    You can copy your Lotto numbers from a text message or a notepad and paste it into the app. The app will add the numbers to your list.

  • Clipboard

    Save numbers

    Save your favorite numbers and check them against the latest results.

  • Clipboard

    Generate Quickpick

    Generate your own quick pick and use that to save to your own list.


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